Woodman Family Office

360 Degrees. Tailor-made. Dedicated.

Every family has different needs and values. Hence, our family office services are tailor-made for each family.

A dedicated contact person at Woodman will take care of the family and will report directly and exclusively to them.

Our clients turn to Woodman for our Family Vision, Family Structures and Family Office solutions.

Family Vision

Families have visions or mission statements which encapsulate their values, beliefs and objectives. Woodman assists the families in analysing what matters most to them and to formulate a common set of goals.

Family Structures

Around these goals, Woodman constructs an optimal legal and fiscal framework that allows the family to operate efficiently and to protect & develop its wealth. The right structure takes into consideration the interests of various family members and prepares for a successful succession planning.

Family Office Services

Woodman can provide family members with a broad range of services allowing them to manage their wealth from a central 'dashboard' and in the most effective way.

Woodman Family Office

Family Office Services

Complexity made simple.

We advise our clients across a wide range of services, allowing them to stay focussed and dedicated to what matters most to them and their family.

We act as close advisors and provide a range of services which are essential to protect our client’s interests and create new opportunities.

Residence & Citizenship Planning

We consult clients that consider transferring their residence to Switzerland. Once the decision to re-domicile is taken, we advise our clients on a board range of services including residence & citizenship planning, processing of residence permit & citizenship application, assistance for buying and selling of real estate, etc.

Asset Holding Vehicles & Fiduciary Mandates

We put appropriate structures in place to hold and protect assets and to maintain the administration thereof (i.e. budgeting and accounting, tax declarations, annual audit). Our specialists assume fiduciary mandates for domestic and foreign clients.

Estate Management (high-value physical Assets)

Woodman assists its clients regarding the acquisition, operation, storage & maintenance and taxation of high value physical assets like real estate, art, cars yachts and aircrafts.

Financial Transactions

Woodman assists its clients regarding capital market transactions, mergers and acquisitions and liquidity events.

Advisory Services

Legal & tax advisory, tax planning and structuring, annual tax report (for legal and non-legal persons) financial planning, trust management, insurance planning.

Family Office Services

A dedicated team.

Our competence. Your benefits.

Our team is our track record. The culture at Woodman is one that puts the team at the forefront.

Family Office Team